Announcing our Winter Feast 2022 Limited Release

Announcing our Winter Feast 2022 Limited Release
We’ve taken this year's release to an all new level!
Continuing with our maple theme from previous Winter Feasts, a finishing cask was left in the Boks Bacon smokehouse for a week where it was infused with sweet bacon smoke.
We barrel-aged a natural maple syrup in this cask before finishing ex-bourbon matured single malt for several months producing a smoky bacon, maple syrup, cask finished whisky.
Now that I have your attention.
Make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter, keep an eye on your inbox for the link on Thursday the 9th of June at 1pm.
Come and see us at the Winter Feast, stall 55 (outside) for a dram, boozy hot chocolate, or hot toddy.
Limited bottles are available and once sold out, will be sold out. Bottles will be shipping from the 14th June.

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