Flambé your Christmas cake!

Flambé your Christmas cake!

Barrel aged Christmas Liqueur 2022

In the spirit of Christmas, Hobart Whisky Barrel Aged Christmas Liqueur.

A sweet liqueur combining everyone’s favourite festive flavours; dark fruits, vanilla, cinnamon, and Christmas spice. Using our own single malt whisky as a base, this liqueur was barrel aged in fortified and bourbon casks for over 12 months imparting subtle oak and added complexity.

These balanced and delightful ingredients expressed at a smooth 30% abv means this liqueur is perfect served straight, on ice, added to a warmed glass with a twist of dried orange peel or drizzle some over your ice cream, cake or dessert.


Batch Nº: 22-003/Liq
30% abv.

260 Bottles.


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