Chardonnay Cask Finish - 23-002

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Delve into a symphony of tastes with our latest limited release!

Matured in Bourbon barrels for over five years, and finished for six months in Chardonnay cask, this unique expression embraces the delicate notes of white grapes, interwoven with the rich backbone of bourbon. To harmonise the palate and balance the Chardonnay's acidity, we've given it an additional finish in a Rum cask for a month, introducing a touch of sweetness and tropical warmth.

At 56.4% abv, every drop resonates with intensity and complexity.


Initial wafts of vanilla and caramel from the Bourbon cask matured foundation set the scene. Slowly, delicate floral and fruity notes emerge, echoing green apples, pear, and the unmistakable crispness of Chardonnay. Undertones of sugarcane and tropical hints from the Rum cask give it a welcoming warmth.

A bold entrance of toasted oak and malt sweetness, typical of its Bourbon origins. This quickly evolves into a rich tapestry of flavours. The Chardonnay cask brings forward a subtle tang, intertwined with stone fruits and a slight buttery texture. The brief dalliance with the Rum cask introduces a molasses sweetness, a touch of ripe banana, and a velvety smoothness that softens any residual acidity.

Long, lingering, and harmonious. While the warmth from its impressive abv stays with you, the gentle kiss of tropical fruits and the refined nuances of Chardonnay grapes leave a memorable aftertaste. A finale that showcases the careful balancing act of its cask journey.


Batch Nº: 23-002
56.4% abv.

176 Bottles.



Product of Australia