Hobart Whisky x Tasmanian JackJumpers Single Malt Limited Release

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Dive into a unique experience this season with our latest offering, inspired by Tasmania’s athletic champions.

This limited and exclusive single malt resonates with the spirit and vigour of those leaping wonders on the court. Having matured in an American Oak ex-bourbon cask, this whisky culminates its flavour journey in an elegant Apera Sherry cask, infusing it with a complexity of nutty, rich, and subtly sweet notes.

Available to the dedicated members of our illustrious JackJumpers Hobart Whisky Club, this release is a tribute to a remarkable season and the team that embodies Tasmania’s sporting pride.

Capture the essence of 2023-2024 with a dram that’s as vibrant and dynamic as the action on the court.

Celebrate with us, and toast to a season of unforgettable moments, with a whisky that mirrors the finesse and depth of Tasmania’s finest athletes.


46.5% abv.



Nose: The whisky greets with an inviting aroma, blending the classic warmth of American oak with a hint of Apera Sherry's sophistication. As it breathes, subtle notes of vanilla and caramel rise from the ex-bourbon cask, harmoniously intertwining with the rich, dried fruit and almond nuances imparted by the Apera Sherry cask.

Palate: Upon the first sip, the whisky reveals a delightful complexity. The four-year maturation in American oak ex-bourbon casks imparts a foundation of smooth, toasted oak and a sweet symphony of vanilla and honey. This is elegantly layered with the two-year finish in Apera Sherry casks, which bestows a rich tapestry of nutty flavours, hints of dark chocolate, and a whisper of spiced fruitcake.

Finish: The finish is both luxurious and lingering. It presents a sumptuous balance of sweetness and oak, with a velvety texture that leaves an enduring impression of finely aged sherry, a touch of oak spice, and a subtle, sweet undercurrent reminiscent of toffee and butterscotch.


Please note due to Christmas and the Taste of Summer event, these limited bottlings will not be dispatched until the week of the 9th of January 2024.


We are delighted to extend to our valued JackJumpers Hobart Whisky Club members an exclusive opportunity to acquire our limited edition single malt whisky at a privileged price. As a token of our appreciation for your commitment to the club and passion for exceptional whisky, this exquisite single malt, typically reserved at $175, is available to you for $148. This special offering is not a reflection of diminished value, but rather a celebration of our community and a way to thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm. It's our way of ensuring that the members who contribute to the heart and spirit of our club are the first to enjoy the fruits of our craftsmanship at a price that honours both the quality of the whisky and your dedication as a member.


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