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Crafted over an extensive four-year period within the comforting embrace of American oak ex-bourbon casks, followed by a transformative finishing stage spanning one and a half years in the exquisite confines of French oak Tawny casks, this singular single malt whisky seamlessly marries the best attributes of both worlds.

The influence of the bourbon barrels imparts a familiar touch of vanilla, intertwining elegantly with the opulent, fruity nuances derived from the Tawny cask. Bottled at a perfectly harmonious 43.8%, this whisky promises a sensory journey that effortlessly balances sweetness with a refreshing essence.

Upon the uncorking of this distinguished elixir, an immediate olfactory symphony greets the senses, wafting with the enticing aromas of dried fruit and almonds. A moment of contemplation reveals subtle undertones of toasted oak, while a delicate hint of citrus, emanating from orange zest, adds a layer of complexity.

The initial sip unravels a tapestry of flavors, where creamy caramel harmoniously transitions into notes of stewed fruits and spiced honey. The Tawny cask's profound influence manifests in the form of luscious raisins and sultanas, delicately counterbalanced by hints of apricot and a whisper of berry sweetness.

As the liquid gold dances across the palate, it leaves a lasting warmth, characterized by the comforting embrace of vanilla and the gentle allure of toasted hazelnut. A nuanced aftertaste emerges, bringing forth echoes of dark chocolate and espresso, bestowing a refined and memorable conclusion to the overall tasting experience.

This whisky transcends mere libation; it extends an invitation—to a moment of relaxation, enjoyment, and shared indulgence. It beckons enthusiasts to partake in a sensory voyage that goes beyond the ordinary, embracing the extraordinary symphony of flavours encapsulated within every sip.


43.8% abv.



Product of Australia