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Bourbon Matured / Rum Finished / Batch Nº: 21-007 (Sold Out)

Christmas 2021 Limited Release – Barrel aged Cherry Liqueur Cask Finish / Batch Nº: 21-006 (Sold Out)

Christmas 2021 Limited Release – Barrel Aged Tasmanian Cherry Liqueur (Sold Out)

Tawny Port Matured / Batch Nº: 21-005 (Sold Out)

Beer Cask Series: Smoky Rye Red Ale Cask / Batch Nº: 21-004 (Sold Out)

Beer Cask Series: Imperial Stout Cask / Batch Nº: 21-003 (Sold Out)

Beer Cask Series: Ginger Beer Cask / Batch Nº: 21-002 (Sold Out)

Beer Cask Series: Porter Beer Cask / Batch Nº: 21-001 (Sold Out)


Sherry / Bourbon Cask Marriage / Batch Nº: 20-002 (Sold Out)

American Oak Ex-Bourbon and Rum Cask Matured
Laphroaig Cask Finished
/ Batch Nº: 20-001 (Sold Out)


Hungarian Oak Tokaji Cask Matured / Batch Nº: 19-006 (Sold Out)

Last Rites Brewing Co Stout Cask / Batch Nº: 19-005 (Sold Out)

French Oak Port Finished / Batch Nº: 19-004 (Sold Out)

Small Ex-Bourbon Cask / Batch Nº: 19-003 (Sold Out)

French Oak Pinot Noir Finished / Batch Nº: 19-002 (Sold Out)

Small Ex-American Whiskey Cask / Batch Nº: 19-001 (Sold Out)


Small Ex-Port Cask / Batch Nº: 18-002 (Sold Out)

Small Ex-Bourbon Cask / Batch Nº: 18-001 (Sold Out)

Limited Releases

2021 Winter Feast Limited Release
Matured for over four years in 40L and 80L American oak ex-bourbon and ex-rum casks, before finishing in our 2020 Winter Feast bourbon maple cask that we have been using to barrel age our own Maple Stout.

2020 Winter Feast Limited Release (Sold Out)
Despite the cancellation of DARK MOFO due to COVID-19 we want to share a small part of what would have been our contribution to the 2020 Winter Feast.

2019 Oak Barrel Sydney Whisky Fair Limited Release
A limited release of 91 bottles to debut at The Oak Barrel Sydney Whisky Fair. Small American Oak Ex-Bourbon Matured and finished in a recoopered Tasmanian Sauvignon Blanc Botrytis wine cask.

2019 Whisky Freedom Limited Release
A limited release of 51 bottles, a cask seasoned with a local Rosé.

2019 Winter Feast Limited Release
A limited release of 150 bottles to celebrate Dark Mofo 2019.
Small American Oak Ex-Bourbon Matured / Rum Maple Finished.


Sherry / Bourbon Cask Marriage

Batch Nº: 20-002
49.3% abv.
Bottled: 7th December 2020

121 Bottles

A marriage of ex-Oloroso, Pedro Ximinez, Apera Sherry and Bourbon casks, expressed at 49.3%.

A balance of the various sherry casks complimented with the sweet notes of the bourbon and a very subtle smoke through the addition of a small amount of peated cask.

On the nose, raspberry bush with a gentle smokiness and hints of cranberry, brandy snaps, and fruit mince pies. Followed by Christmas pudding, toffee apples, leather, and subtle honeycomb.

The palate has rich sherry with light smoke, fruitcake and strawberry jam on buttered toast. Toasted nuts, cherries, turkish delight, salted caramel macarons, and biscuit crumb. Trifle with vanilla bean custard and red jelly.

A medium length finish with balanced warmth, hints of roasted coffee, and smokey dark chocolate.

American Oak Ex-Bourbon and Rum Cask Matured, Laphroaig Cask Finished

Batch Nº: 20-001

60.6% abv.
Bottled: 15th July 2020

191 Bottles

Matured in small ex-bourbon casks for 3.5 years, transferred to a rum cask for 1 year then finished in a Laphroaig cask for only 12 days.

Mellow peat, full of malty caramel sweetness, high floral notes, and rum goodness coming through.

Lingering Islay peat notes tie it all together and leave it with a long and satisfying finish.

Expressed at 60.6% abv.

Rich rum notes peek through the sweet floral bourbon overtones with a welcome whiff of earthy peat.

Clean malty alcohol provides the big opening, then the floral and peat notes dance across the palate with suggestions of boiled lollies, vanilla beans and musk sticks recalling the bourbon cask origins. The diverse elements resolve into a delicious complexity that lingers long and rich.

It is here that the Islay peat comes to the fore and carries all the elements of this complicated dram to a wonderfully fulfilling conclusion. A little water adds a creamy element but does diminish the glorious rum sweetness so do enjoy this engaging dram at cask strength before reaching for the water jug.


Hungarian Oak Tokaji Cask
Batch Nº: 19-006
Bottled: 13th November 2019

378 Bottles (227x 500ml and 151x 200ml bottles)

Matured in a recoopered Hungarian Oak Tokaji cask. A light and floral whisky expressed at 49.8% abv.

This release is bottled intentionally unflocked and unfiltered. This leaves all of the naturally occurring oils present in the whisky which adds to the texture and flavour.

Fresh peaches and nectarines with hints of almonds and orange marmalade. Clean and distinct alcohol plus some oaky dryness.

Thick and viscous with a restrained sweetness which then opens onto the mid palate with a crescendo of warm alcohol, dry tannins, lifted florals, and peppery high notes that linger in a tantalising mixture of pantry spices.

Long and eventually dry with the persistence of the oak tannins and alluring spices.

Last Rites Brewing Co collaboration Stout Cask
Batch Nº: 19-005
Bottled: 8th August 2019

147 Bottles

A collaboration project between Hobart Whisky and Last Rites Brewing Company.

Small American Oak Ex-Bourbon mature whisky that was carefully selected and finished in a cask that was used by local brewery, Last Rites, to barrel age a stout.

Nose: Toasted oatmeal and sweet malt with hints of citrus.

Palate: Lovely oily viscosity, marzipan and candied orange peel with well integrated alcohol. A little water promotes the sweetness and highlights the malty notes.

Finish: Soft tingly alcohol lingers as the sweetness gives way to a pleasantly dry finish.

French Oak Port Finished
Batch Nº: 19-004
Bottled: 11th June 2019

369 Bottles (169x 500ml and 200x 200ml bottles)

A marriage of small American Oak Ex-Bourbon matured casks finished in French Oak Port expressed at 48.6% abv.

Nose: Sweet malt and vanilla caramel over hints of dark fruit lingering beneath.

Palate: Opens sweet and creamy then builds across the palate to warm toffee pudding with the alcohol coming in late and clean. A gentle peppery chorus is there in the background to complete the picture. Complexity and subtle elegance are the keynotes.

Finish: A long and satisfying warm finish with lingering vanilla bean and some faint floral notes over some subtle peppery zing.

Small Ex-Bourbon Cask
Batch Nº: 19-003
Bottled: 8th May 2019

516 Bottles

A selection of small American Oak Ex-Bourbon casks expressed at 55.7% abv.

Nose: Soft and inviting, with creamy vanilla, juicy fruits, baked streusel cake. Toffee apples and a gentle maritime note.

Palate: Shortbreads, apricot jam, gingerbread and white chocolate. Fresh fruits, butterscotch, apple pie and white oak.

Finish: Smooth, creamy and well textured, with juicy fruits, vanilla slice and a burst of citrus. A touch of milk chocolate, oak, and a hint of peach.

French Oak Pinot Noir Finished
Batch Nº: 19-002
Bottled: 3rd May 2019

392 Bottles

A marriage of small American oak ex-bourbon cask matured finished in French oak Pinot Noir expressed at 57.7% abv.

Nose: Heavily charred American oak, stewed fruits & chocolate fudge. Followed by caramelised brown sugar, vanilla bean & ripe mango.

Palate: Creamy vanilla, butterscotch and a burst of tropical fruits greet the palate. With papaya, kiwi fruit, melons and candied orange peel all making an appearance.

Finish: Sweet plum, citrus, fermented grapes and cocoa nibs carry long into the finish. With stewed apples, brandy custard and some white oak spice.

Small Ex-American Whiskey Cask
Batch Nº: 19-001
Bottled: 8th February 2019

328 Bottles

Hobart Whisky Third Release, a marriage of selected small Ex-Lightly Smoked American Whiskey casks from Hillrock Distillery, expressed at 50.3% abv.

Nose: Enticing caramelised brown sugar combined with virgin sugar cane balanced with notes of milk chocolate, peanut brittle and pecan pie. Sugar crusted shortbread bound with Christmas candy cane followed by hints of rye spice and light smoke.

Palate: A soft and creamy mouth feel with alluring red toffee apple, and summer orchard notes. Ginger, vanilla, caramel and biscuits consume the front palate with subtle nutmeg impressions. Nougat, Anzac biscuits and apple pie round out the palate with subtle notes of stone fruit, followed by softened chocolate.

Finish: A short yet delicate finish with flourishing citrus notes with hints of iced gingerbread, roasted peanuts and cotton candy. The light smoke comes through with notes of oak char, and a waft of smoke.


Small Ex-Port Cask
Batch Nº: 18-002
Bottled: 16th November 2018

216 Bottles

Hobart Whisky Second Release, a marriage of selected small ex-port casks, expressed at 53.9% abv.

Nose: An alluring essence of candied orange peel, stewed fruit, freshly ground nutmeg, and a hint of milk chocolate. Polished leather and raisin gives way to ginger and a splash of lime.

Palate: A creamy mouth feel with sweet and rich fruits. Think PX meets Port. White Oak spices lend a touch of honey, shortbread, and vanilla custard. A faint hint of cranberry, apple pie, and Moscatel grapes.

Finish: Persistent and intriguing, with lingering notes of butterscotch, sultana, tobacco leaf and rhubarb. An eloquent display of fruits and spices, welcomes you back for more.

Small Ex-Bourbon Cask
Batch Nº: 18-001
Bottled: 2nd August 2018

421 Bottles

Hobart Whisky First Release, a skillful marriage of selected small ex-bourbon casks, expressed at 48.8% abv.

Nose: Enticing honeycomb and vanilla fudge wrapped in a hint of sweet beeswax. Light and fresh with the promise of violet crumble.

Palate: Lovely, creamy and mouth-filling soft, sweet spirit with a solid base of clean malt underpinning the vanilla crème brulee notes that shout ‘well made bourbon cask single malt’. A pleasantly light, beguiling and eventually deeply satisfying dram.

Finish: Medium to long with lingering toffee notes and enough white oak tannins to guard against any cloying effect. An entirely satisfying conclusion that invites another visit.

Limited Releases

2019 Whisky Freedom Limited Release

A limited release of 51 bottles, a cask seasoned with a local Rosé.

Small American Oak Ex-Bourbon Matured / Rosé Cask Finished

Expressed at 49.4% abv.
June 2019

When operation commenced in 2015 we organised Rosé to be delivered for distillation.
At that time we wondered why nobody had produced a barrel aged Rosé, we decided to try it.
Prior to distillation we stored our Rosé in a small 20L cask. It was there for over 12 months.
Curious to see how single malt whisky interacts with this now Rosé seasoned cask, we decided to use it to finish some of our mature ex-bourbon whisky.
These 51 bottles are the result. We believe this is the world’s first Rosé cask finished whisky.

Nose: Restrained neutral to sweet with some elegant lifted florals.

Palate: A soft opening builds to a warm, semi-sweet and beguiling middle palate that reveals a beautiful floral pot puree of spicy florals dancing on the top palate. Charming, clean and elegant, a dram for early evening musing.

Finish: Slightly dry and spicy but beautifully integrated with good spirit. A surprising but gloriously elegant malt. Like a shy ballerina that takes time to show her brilliance this whisky is one of those rare drams that delights and surprises with its subtle beauty.

2019 Winter Feast Limited Release

A limited release of 150 bottles to celebrate Dark Mofo 2019.

Small American Oak Ex-Bourbon Matured / Rum Maple Finished

Expressed at 58.6% abv.
June 2019

A 3-year maturation period in small 40L American oak ex-bourbon casks, before being transferred to finish in a cask that previously held Guatemala rum, and more recently cask-matured maple syrup.

Nose: Sweet with fresh celery hints, coffee beans and tobacco, Jamaica pepper, spicy and invitingly complex.

Palate: A big, bold and yummy/rummy opening with fabulous pantry spice and maple syrup flashes. Like a full Canadian breakfast of buttermilk pancakes with smoky bacon and warm maple syrup. A genuine mouth-filler with sweet spiky spices dancing across the palate.

Finish: Long and amazingly satisfying with alternating flashes of sweet, spicy and peppery delights. A glorious winter warmer and perfect for Dark Mofo revellers!