Tawny Port Cask Matured – 21-005


Matured in a pair of 100L Tawny Port casks for three years before being transferred and finished for just under two years in a fresh 225L Tawny Port cask.

Expressed at 51.1%, this is a big, bold and rich, Tawny port cask whisky.

This whisky is a very different expression and experience to our traditional Hobart Whisky releases typically matured in ex-bourbon and finished in fortified casks.

Batch Nº: 21-005
51.1% abv.

Bottled: 28 May 2021
244 Bottles

Tasting Notes

A nose dominated by stewed fruit and burnt sugar, with a mild citrus spice.

On the palate, toasted oak, dark fruit, and prominent fortified influence work in harmony with the tannins. Orange marmalade and fresh malt, a tantalising tartness, with hints of dark chocolate and dates.

A mild sweetness in the finish is complimented with a bitter orange, developing and lingering as a slight dryness, inviting yet another sip.

Please note, we have decided to not filter or flock this whisky to ensure it’s richness. As such, the whisky can appear cloudy or form into sediment at the bottom of the bottle. It’s perfectly safe, and nothing to worry about.

Product of Australia

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