Unlisted: Winter Feast 2022: Smoky Bacon Maple Syrup Cask

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We’ve taken this year’s release to an all new level!

Continuing with our maple theme from previous Winter Feasts, a finishing cask was left in the Boks Bacon smokehouse for a week where it was infused with sweet bacon smoke.

We filled this cask with natural maple syrup producing a barrel-aged maple syrup before finishing ex-bourbon mature single malt whisky for several months producing a smoky bacon maple syrup seasoned cask finished whisky.

Expressed at 55% abv.

Purchase the whisky, or add on a 200ml bottle of the maple syrup from the cask.
Due to the limited supply of maple syrup at this point we are unable to offer it separate to the whisky until we can confirm that everyone who has purchased a bottle of whisky has at least had the opportunity to grab the maple syrup as well.

Batch Nº: WF-22
55% abv.

200 Bottles

Tasting Notes

A sweet and lightly savoury nose with notes of bbq’d pineapple, maple syrup and vanilla toffee.

The palate is thick, creamy and lingering. Sweet rich maple syrup and burnt sugar, over campfire grilled bacon on buttermilk pancakes. More vanilla and tropical fruit linger with a touch of light leather expected from the initial bourbon cask maturation.

A long lingering finish, biscoff crumb, light tobacco and cigar box wood.

This whisky opens up with some warmth.

Please note, we have decided to not filter or flock this whisky to ensure it’s richness. As such, the whisky can appear cloudy or form into sediment at the bottom of the bottle. It’s perfectly safe, and nothing to worry about.

Product of Australia

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