Beer Cask Series: Porter Beer Cask


Porter Beer Cask Finish
The first of four releases from our Beer Cask Series.
This whisky has been matured in 40L American oak ex-bourbon casks for three and a half years before finishing for ten months in an 80L cask that has been filled with a Porter beer brewed by our own head distiller, Ben James.

54.2% / 21-001 / March 2021

Batch Nº: 21-001
175 Bottles

Please note, Bottle will not be dispatched until the 8th of April.

For the past twelve months we have been working on a barrel aged beer program for pilot batch brewing. Our intentions were to make good beer, that also complimented our style of whisky.

The first of the series is this Porter Beer Cask Finish.
A whisky that is sweet, with plenty of roasted grains. Stewed fruits, rich chocolate and burnt toffee on the palate and a medium, sweet nutty finish.

Tasting Notes

Consumed by notes of stewed fruit, fresh date fruit, and juicy peach. Complemented with chocolate, nuts and sweet honeycomb, it could almost be confused as a fruit and nut chocolate. Lingering notes of roasted grains, and coffee.

Rich toasted and charred oak undertones, vanilla, chocolate mousse, paired with a latte coffee. These notes are extended by roasted cacao beans, toffee, and liquorice, with just a hint of honeycomb.

Medium and rounded presenting more chocolate along with butterscotch, marmalade on dark rye toast, dandelion tea, light nuttiness, pepper and after dinner mint.

Please note, we have decided to not filter or flock this whisky to ensure it’s richness. As such, the whisky can appear cloudy or form into sediment at the bottom of the bottle. It’s perfectly safe, and nothing to worry about.

Allergens: May contain traces Gluten.

Product of Australia

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