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Buy any Hobart Whisky product between Oct 6 - Jan 19 to win a VIP Basketball & Whisky Experience.

For every $10 spent, you get one entry. Join the JackJumpers Hobart Whisky Club for more entries, and engaging with us on social media or through our newsletters further increases your chances to win!

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Elevate your whisky journey with the JackJumpers Hobart Whisky Club.
Crafted in the heart of Tasmania and in collaboration with the legendary Tasmania JackJumpers, we're here to offer you a mélange of superior whisky experiences and unrivaled privileges.

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Limited Seasonal Bottling

Get your hands on an exclusive, limited-edition Hobart Whisky x Tasmania JackJumpers Single Malt Whisky.

A dram that's reserved for our esteemed club members.

Priority Access and Special Events

Be the first to know of our distillery exclusive events and promotions crafted just for you.


A chance to win exceptional prizes reserved only for our club members.

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Periodically benefit from member-exclusive promotions and discounts on the Hobart Whisky website.

But remember, they're like a rare whisky - here today, gone tomorrow. The only way to catch them while they last is to become a member!

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Our vault of experiences and benefits is ever-growing. Stay connected and be the first to know.

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Dive into a world where the timeless allure of whiskies seamlessly merges with the electrifying energy of basketball.

By joining, you're not just becoming a member; you're entering a close-knit community of enthusiasts, a place where fervor marries heritage. Join now, and let your immersive journey of flavours, experiences, and camaraderie commence!