Our Virtual Tastings Continue.

We are very excited for our fifth virtual tasting this Saturday. Myself, Ben, and Dave will be joined on our panel by a guest (filling in for Mark, @whiskyismyjam), and virtually by Justin Farmer @whiskyinisolation. Thank you to everyone who has attended one, some or all of them so far. It’s always a lot of […]

An Upcoming Release for The Virtual Australian Whisky Show

We’re only a few weeks out from the Virtual Australian Whisky show where as a part of the show we are bottling a limited release. This release is something that we’ve been working on for a little while now and we’re absolutely ecstatic to be able to present it. It started as a small cask […]

Hobart Whisky Live Tasting Experiences

Our Live Tasting Experiences have proven to go above and beyond what we expected! Thank you to every one who has purchased and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday evening with our guest presenters John and Sarah Yankovski for an informal chat and discussion around our whisky and whisky as a whole. I […]