Anniversary Bottlings.

Hobart Whisky is often approached to provide personalised bottles to recognise and celebrate a milestone.
At Hobart Whisky it is important that our whisky, especially when used in bottlings such as these, holds and tells a story.

A client is soon to have their first child, to celebrate they wanted to buy a bottle of whisky from us, and to buy another every year, until their child is 18.

That’s 18 bottles of whisky over 18 years. We will, of course, have yearly releases, but it’s not personal or unique.

We have decided to produce a set of personalised anniversary bottlings.

From April 2021 we will be offering personalised anniversary bottlings which fits perfectly with our vision and allows you the opportunity to purchase a unique Hobart Whisky product experience.

Our anniversary bottlings are a unique reverse compounding marriage of cask aged whisky, where half of the whisky is retained each time there is an anniversary bottle produced.

With each bottle produced, additional whisky is added to the marriage to replace the amount taken for bottling.

This allows consistency, yet gradual change, allowing the final bottle produced to retain a fractional amount of the first anniversary bottle.

This means, the first year we will find a suitable cask, decant 1 litre, and produce a 500ml bottle. The remaining 500ml is stored in your personal anniversary vat (for the following year/bottling).
Bottle: 1/18.

The second year, we will find a complimentary cask, add 500ml to your personal anniversary vat, then from that produce a 500ml bottle.
This bottling is now made up of 50% of cask #1, and 50% of cask #2.
Bottle: 2/18.

This is repeated again in the third year, and now you have a vatting of, 25% cask #1, 25% cask #2, and 50% of cask #3.

This continues through until the 18th bottle which will contain 1 / 131072 (or 0.0008%), of the first ever bottling.

A yearly personalised bottle, bottled on your date of choice, to form your own anniversary whisky marriage.

Contact us for pricing and more information.