Winter Feast 2021

Visit us at the Winter Feast 2021

We’ll be serving beer, gin, hot drinks, and our 2021 Winter Feast Limited single malt!

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To say that we love being a part of the Dark Mofo Winter Feast would be an understatement.

With no cellardoor or shopfront of our own, it’s an opportunity to catch up with a lot of our customers in a beautiful winter atmosphere.

We’ve been working on some new things to bring to the 2021 Winter Feast, but first lets go over our last couple of years.

TL;DR at the bottom.

You may recall our first year of exhibiting at the Winter Feast, back in 2019. Determined to bring something different to the table we released a cask strength Rum Maple finish that was decadently rich and sweet. 

Despite the cancellation of the Winter Feast in 2020, we pressed on with another limited release for the occasion, this time a Bourbon Maple cask, still rich and sweet, albeit not as sweet as our 2019 release.

This year, continuing our maple theme, we are excited to release a Barrel Aged Maple Stout cask finish. This whisky has been finished in our 2020 bourbon maple cask, which was used to mature a maple stout, which we will be serving alongside the single malt, at this year’s Winter Feast.

There’s no denying it, this year’s Winter Feast release is rich and sweet. If you thought our 2019 release was sweet, then stop reading now.

The Beer.

We’ve had this idea for a while, our head distiller Ben James, avid brewer, produced a Maple Stout and barrel aged it in our 2020 Winter Feast cask.

The recipe predominantly consisted of a range of roasted malts (some even roasted fresh), and maple syrup. This is a big malt driven, sweet maple stout.

The stout was barrel aged for around 6 months before being kegged and ready to serve at the 2021 Winter Feast.

The Single Malt.

The aforementioned freshly emptied maple stout cask was filled with mature whisky from a rum finishing cask. This particular rum cask had been finishing for almost two and a half years, after being matured for two and a half years in 80L American oak ex-bourbon casks.

We’ve had a lot of success with these rum casks and this one was chosen for its light, fruity, sweet backbone. 

It finished in the stout cask for around four weeks, at this point we decided to decant it and let it breathe.

The nose is tropical fruit, creamy toffee, and cigar box wood. 

The palate is thick, big and bold with waves of vanilla, pineapple, and pantry spice. Accompanied by sweet and rich maple syrup and burnt caramel. The roasted grains enhance the flavour with notes of dark brown sugar, chocolate and buttermilk pancakes.

The combination of ex-bourbon, ex-rum and maple stout cask influence bring a lot of complex characteristics into the mix, changing in the glass as it breathes.

A lingering mouth-filling finish with notes of biscuit crumb, roasted grains, more maple syrup sweetness and a mild tobacco spice. 

Expressed at 54.8%

Bottle sales will be limited to the event except for a handful that are going to be announced through our newsletter early next week for those that are not able to make it down for the event.


We made a barrel-aged maple stout, we finished a whisky in said cask, and we made a gin. See you at the event.

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