An idea we’ve been brewing…

We’re passionate about what we do at Hobart Whisky,
producing, sharing and enjoying whisky.

There’s one thing we appreciate almost as much as
we do whisky, and that’s coffee.

We’ve had this idea for quite a while now and recently we have had some time to research and develop it.

In the next few weeks we will release our first ever batch of Hobart Whisky Barrel Aged Coffee Beans.

Working in conjunction with TasCaffe Coffee Roasters, we have taken single origin Brazil and Columbian coffee beans and aged them in freshly decanted Hobart Whisky ex-bourbon casks.

The beans have since been roasted in small batches just up the road at TasCaffe.

Thanks to the hard work of Rachael and Matt at TasCaffe the result has been phenomenal and we’re looking forward to releasing them soon!

We’re excited, and we’re no doubt you are as well, but please be patient while we finalise the product and we’ll announce it through our newsletter and social media channels as soon as it’s ready!

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