Hobart Whisky Live Tasting Experiences

Our Live Tasting Experiences have proven to go above and beyond what we expected! Thank you to every one who has purchased and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday evening with our guest presenters John and Sarah Yankovski for an informal chat and discussion around our whisky and whisky as a whole.

I wanted to go in to a bit more detail about why we’re doing these packs.

As many know, we’re a small family-owned business. We’re generally pretty time poor and while we have the occasional tasting panel, most of the time we’re working with others remotely to get feedback on casks or future releases.

More often we will stand in the bond store with glassware and a whisky thief, and pull samples straight from the cask, try them then and there, write notes, and discuss the whisky.

Often I will post photos, or send them to others to make them envious of the perks of my job. I get quite a few people wanting to be a part of this experience.

It’s relaxed, we get to taste whisky, and it gives us an opportunity to discuss the details and learn from each other.

I see this as an important part of our growth as a brand, distillery, and team.

As we’re generally closed to the public, having people participate in such a tasting can be complicated. Only a handful of people have had the chance to come in to our bond store and be a part of the experience.

The boom of Zoom presented an opportunity for me to make this a reality. It allows us to put samples right in front of you and we can sit around and have a conversation about them.

This Saturday is our first stream ever. John Yankovski and myself have had a chat about how we’d both like to see it run, and we’re on the same page. It’s informal and relaxed, where we can discuss whisky.

There might be a bit of a spiel about Hobart Whisky as a whole, John might regail us of a time that he was here at the bond store (or maybe he shouldn’t), but we welcome you to come along and be open for discussion.

It’s that simple, we want you to pretend that you’re sitting in our bond store with us sharing a dram straight from the cask.

I suggest grabbing your favourite dram to start with while we get over formalities and technical issues we might encounter before we get stuck in to the drams we’re providing.

This brings me to our Live Tasting Experience for May.

In June 2019 we released a limited release Rum Maple cask as a part of our involvement with the Dark Mofo Winter Feast, in case you don’t remember it.

It was a whisky that divided a lot of people, some loved how sickly sweet it was, others thought that it was way too over the top.

We were looking forward to be able to again be involved with in the 2020 Winter Feast, however COVID-19 threw a spanner in to the works there.

That doesn’t mean we can’t have some maple cask fun!

This month’s curated pack includes our current cask strength American Oak Ex-Bourbon expression, another American Oak Ex-Bourbon cask sample, a sample of a Bourbon Maple Finishing cask that we’ve gotten our hands on, and a sample of our 2019 Winter Feast release.

It’s been sitting in a sealed stainless vessel for about 12 months now. It’s changed slightly in abv, but is still the same dram that you might have tried last year.

I will be putting the pack available for purchase on Friday the 1st of May with shipping to commence the following week.

Due to the fact that we only have a limited amount of Rum Maple left, I will unfortunately need to limit the pack sales. I won’t know an exact number until later this week, but please be mindful of that.

I look forward to catching up with you all on Saturday evening.

John Jarvis

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